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The Real FACTS

Here are the real FACTS about why these schemes – barring fair share in the public sector and promoting so-called “right-to-work” in the private sector- are simply WRONG. WRONG FOR EMPLOYEES These laws drive down wages for all workers, including non-union members. Workers living in the “right-to-work” states earn about $5,900 less per year than […]

The Union Difference

The UNION Difference. UNION NON-UNION 1. Wages, benefits, and working conditions are protected by a legal contract. 1. Management can change wages, benefits, and working conditions unilaterally. 2. A contract spells out how much each worker earns. 2. No one knows how much anyone else earns. Disparate treatment/favoritism exists. 3. Unions negotiate raises for everyone. […]

Background Information

Moody’s Analytics Forecast for Illinois (2015) “Since laws that hurt unions shift the balance of power from employees to owners, they tend to erode wages and lead to a more uneven distribution of the gains of economic growth,” Moody’s report said. “Consequently, even if the impact of right to work laws is positive in the […]


SUPPORT THE ILLINOIS PREVAILING WAGE ACT Repealing the Prevailing Wage Act would decrease wages and benefits of middle class families. Rates reflect the local private sector labor market and include costs of health insurance, retirement, and training Worker wages would decrease between 3.4% and 7.5%, and per worker spending on health care and retirement would […]