About IUOE Local 318

Welcome to the International Union of Operating Engineers official website. Local 318 takes pride in providing operators for the 14 most southern counties in Illinois. We are a local made up of 900 skilled operators and hundreds of signatory contractors along with shops, city workers, and quarries in the area. Local 318 works to negotiate the best possible wages, fringes, and working conditions for all of our members.

Our Local was founded in 1932 in Harrisburg, IL and moved to Marion, IL in 1996 where it now resides. Local 318’s unionized market share is above average for the nation at 98%. We value training and have a growing apprenticeship facility, providing apprenticeship entry level training and journeymen upgrade training to all members. Offering the best possible operators to our signatory contractors. We are politically active and have a good working relationship with our local and state representatives. We understand that organizing increases our clout at the bargaining table and work closely with our surrounding sister locals and other crafts. We are a strong community based organization and provide support to our area charities. We have established a scholarship fund that helps to support the dependents of Local 318’s members to give them a helping hand with college tuition.

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