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Poor pay state debt, rich get tax breaks

To the Editor:

The working poor need daycare, the rich have a nanny. Older citizens need Medicaid, the rich have long-term healthcare insurance. Those with limited income go to state colleges. The rich go to Ivy League universities. The carless ride Amtrak. The rich fly first class. Middle class children go to public schools. Rich children have tutors and pay tuition at academies. Working people use local healthcare. Rich people have on call doctors and go to private hospitals. Wage earners seek higher wages and a safe place to work. Rich people destroy unions for more profit. The man in the street believes government should serve the public. The rich think government should help them get richer. The unemployed want a job with a living wage. Rich people like unemployment because it holds down wages. Those with less help one another. The rich only care for themselves. Poor people run for office. Rich people buy office. These differences are why those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder being forced to pay the state debt by losing critical services, while the rich get tax breaks.

Which of the proposed tax cuts hurt the rich? None. Illinois voters said millionaires should pay higher income taxes. Why has the Governor not heeded the voice of the people by taxing the rich? Oh, the Governor is rich. Richard Gillespie, Anna

Rauner isn’t thinking through cuts

To the Editor:

Shoot first, then ask questions. This seems to be the approach that’s being taken by our new governor, when it comes to fixing our broken budget.

First of all, you don’t cut higher education by 30 percent, making it next to impossible for the poor and middle class to afford a college degree. Ten percent, maybe?

These cuts will also affect clean coal technology research.

It could be another generation before solar, wind, and hydrogen power are our main sources of energy. Fracking is very controversial, and we’ve seen the devastation of nuclear accidents. So the logical choice is clean, efficient natural gas and coal burning power plants. Which means more jobs to the region, and more tax revenue to the state.

Some to the extreme-right blame the Environmental Protection Agency for all of our problems. I would ask these people if they want to go back to the good ole days of open land dumps, DDT on vegetables, LA smog alerts, or flowing cesspools, such as New York’s Hudson River?

The President who signed off on the creation of the EPA, was not considered to be a liberal by any stretch of the imagination. If you’re over 50 you probably remember him well, Richard Nixon. Daryl Ice, Benton

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