Repealing the Prevailing Wage Act would decrease wages and benefits of middle class families.

  • Rates reflect the local private sector labor market and include costs of health insurance, retirement, and training
  • Worker wages would decrease between 3.4% and 7.5%, and per worker spending on health care and retirement would decrease significantly

The Prevailing Wage Act keeps construction jobs local and promotes economic opportunity for Illinois communities and Illinois families

  • More than 93% of public works in Illinois are done by Illinois contractors, while states without a prevailing wage employ in-state on 89% of public works.
  • A reduction in wages and an increase in out-of-state contractor employment would decrease Illinois’ GDP by more than $1 billion, resulting in thousands of jobs lost and significant revenue loss

Private sector bargaining agreements support construction apprenticeship programs

  • Construction Apprenticeship programs increase worker productivity, product quality, and reduce work place fatalities
  • A trained and skilled local workforce is need to fix Illinois’ crumbling infrastructure, 1 in every 3 miles of roads and 1 in every 10 bridges will be in unacceptable condition by 2018.

The Prevailing Wage Act does not lead to an increase in costs to public construction programs

  • Construction workers in Illinois have a higher tax base, and are less reliant on government assistance when compared to workers in states without a prevailing wage
  • Contractors non-prevailing wage states reduce cost savings to governments from lower salaries through higher profit margins
  • The Act creates a public bidding process reflective of the local labor market that encourages competitiveness through effiencies and quality of work

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